Your Story, Your Voice

Why share your story with the Voice Health Institute (VHI)?

We at the VHI are dedicated to improving the lives of patients and their families with throat and voice related conditions, by supporting invaluable cutting edge research and education. This research improves the types of treatments offered and our programs help to educate more voice specialists in the latest care options.

We would like to publish your journey from your first symptoms, to how you are feeling now. We hope to help others with voice loss or throat conditions find the care they need and find comfort in knowing they are not alone.

To help guide you, here are some areas we'd like you to include:

  • Your first symptom(s) and/or what led you to seek medical care?
  • How do you use your voice? (For example, are you a schoolteacher, singer, salesman, coach, mother/father, etc.?)
  • Did you seek multiple opinions from different doctors and how long did it take to get the correct diagnosis?
  • What is/was your diagnosis?
  • What type of treatment have you received?
    • What was it like? Describe your experience.
  • How do you feel about the treatment and your outcome/prognosis?
  • Explain what your voice means to you and how your life changed when it was compromised.
  • How do you feel now?

Please send your stories to Melanie Woodworth at Please feel free to include a photo or brief video along with your story. If you have any questions or would like to talk with someone directly, please call (617) 720-5000.

Thank you so kindly for your time and consideration!

Most sincerely,

The Voice Health Institute