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Dick Vitale, who was recently accepted into the College Basketball Hall of Fame for being its premier broadcaster, underwent vocal cord surgery by Dr. Zeitels for precancerous dysplasia. Mr. Vitale was brought to Dr. Zeitels by his Otolaryngologist in Florida, Dr. Daniel Deems, because of the ground-breaking advancements by the MGH team in restoring voices, especially in those patients with precancerous and malignant vocal cord lesions. Mr. Vitale's treatment has been very successful and recently returned to announce the Duke - North Carolina game.

Later that week Drs. Hillman and Zeitels were hosted by Mr. Vitale and ESPN in Louisville for their contest with Georgetown. At that game, Vitale's voice was monitored with an invention developed by Dr. Hillman's research team and previously used to assess Steven Tyler for the National Geographic Channel documentary.

The events related to Mr. Vitale's voice surgery were covered extensively in sports pages throughout the country including the New York Times, Associated Press, and USA today. Zeitels was described by Vitale as "the Tom Brady of the voice surgery."

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