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Groundbreaking Treatment For Respiratory Papilomatosis (RRP) with Avastin & KTP Laser

Laryngeal Papillomatosis (RRP) is a devastating disease that affects tens of thousands of patients in the United States, more than half of whom are children. It is not unusual for patients to undergo 50 to 100 procedures. Over the past decade, the MGH researchers have created and established state-of-the-art treatment paradigms including the angiolytic KTP laser, and office-based laser surgery with local anesthesia. Most recently, they introduced and pioneered the use of the anti-angiogenesis drug Avastin for RRP.

The landmark research investigation demonstrating the effectiveness of Avastin with the KTP laser was published as a supplement to the Annals of Otology, Rhinology, and Laryngology in 2009. The MGH researchers are currently completing the first phase of an FDA approved study with promising early results. This research has transformed lives of the MGH patients treated thus far and was featured on Good Morning America and ABC World News. These shows explored former New York City Opera vocalist Mr. Michael Neimann's transformative treatment from the loss of his ability to sing to the resolution of the Papillomatosis and the restoration of his beautiful voice. "For me, the biggest gift I've had is losing it and then getting it back," said Neimann.

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